Breaking Linearity //
Algiers - Algeria
Project Breaking Linearity
Program Commercial & Office building
Location Algiers - Algeria
Completion 2011
Area 15,000m2
Constructed in an underdeveloped region amidst Algeria's financial city sits an impressive, static building whose surrounding landscape acts as an urban niche, a gathering space for the city dwellers, it consists of an urban piazza surrounded by hardscape areas the scale of which can only be described as grand.

The landscape approach used to treat the ground floor area is one with pedestrian usage in mind. Between the two symmetrical buildings on the property sit two patios accessible to people who work in the office buildings, these introverted gardens give the visitor access to a realm of contemplation and relaxation.

The central area is a recessed water mirror with fountains, and the main axes of the project can be described as a dynamic axis of trees; disoriented, shifted, manipulated, and hence adds a sense of dynamism to this space in comparison with its surrounding. Structurally speaking, the integration of raised planters was impossible and hence everything was created above level zero; all landscape elements that are part of the concept where modular hardscape elements Integrated in the soil in such a way that the urban furniture appears to extrude from the soil as planters and other elements.

Bound by mineral hardscape materials, the grid-oriented piazzas work with the fa�ade to reflect the 'broken continuity' of the design lines from the vertical to the horizontal platform along which the design intervention is conducted. The project is characterized by numerous features including hanging gardens, breathing space, patios, and light wells making this location a convivial and welcoming space.