Juxtaposition Of Textures //
Beirut - Lebanon
Project Juxtaposition Of Textures
Program Roof gardens
Location Beirut - Lebanon
Completion 1999
Area 2,000m2
At the headquarters of a banking firm in the city, a garden was created, but not in its traditional sense, given that the capacity for a landscape intervention was limited structurally speaking, the intervention was kept minimal. The garden created is composed of mainly three hardscape materials including crushed stone, pebbles and gravel, and comparable to a canvas, it does not evolve or breathe, yet remains vibrant thru its colors and textures.

The concept behind the chosen composition is one inspired by the nature of the banking sector, a structured organized system and hence the juxtaposition of three main colors, surfaces, and materials was adopted. All terraces and roof gardens are visible due to the plunging views and visual fluidity amongst the differed levels. Each level is of a different feel, and every angle is also an entirely unique 3D experience, neither linear nor static, but instead composed of highly dynamic geometrics as light is absorbed and redistributed keeping it in constant flux.

Zen, elegant, and timeless, similar to a puzzle of irregular shapes where no two pieces are alike combining to form a harmonious output, in this garden geometry is at play. Although we are not dealing with a conventional garden considering the absence of the soft-scape layer, this garden greatly encompasses body and presence allowing it to captivate those who visit it.