The Firm embodies a commitment to creative solutions that melds with cultural desires and functionality. The work is characterized by a philosophy of strong, simple design incorporating cultural and environmental forces that are unique to each site. This design philosophy is integrated with a clear understanding of costs, current construction techniques and scheduling, and guided by the ever important emphasis on the client's needs and goals.

Exploring the relationship between art and culture, Francis Landscapes challenges traditional concepts of design. Their successful and innovative work results from balancing knowledge of history and tradition with sympathy for contemporary needs, while exploiting a clear understanding of both conceptual and material processes expressed through a mastery of construction and detail.
Based in Lebanon, Francis Landscapes is a professional firm comprised of landscape architects and planners.

Founded in 1987, the firm provides full planning, design and supervision services in landscape architecture, environmental planning and urban design.

The Firm's national and international projects are spread out in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and are located in numerous countries. They include a wide range of urban design, mountain and beach resorts, public parks, hotels, university campuses, sports clubs and office buildings as well as state-of-the-art residences, palaces and government buildings.

The Firm has extensive experience in all facets of design, demonstrating competency regardless of the complexities of different climates, geographical locations, social situations and the variety of client expectations with the overriding goal being to provide excellence and timeless design.
Frederic Francis is a landscape architect who has chosen this very particular profession out of deep passion and respect for nature, feelings that extend back to early childhood. His creative landscapes express harmony and serenity that can provide a real enchantment for the soul.

After earning a Landscape Design degree in France in 1988, Francis graduated in Belgium as a landscape architect in 1992. Since his return to Lebanon in 1993, he has been managing Francis Landscapes.

Frederic Francis has won numerous competitions for projects in Lebanon and abroad during these years, earning him a wide reputation.