Lagoon Amid The Rocks //
Rabieh - Lebanon
Project Lagoon Amid The Rocks
Program Residential
Location Rabieh - Lebanon
Completion 1998
Area 3,000m2
Located amidst a densely populated area, this intimate niche, private and quiet, transports visitors to a place of tranquil bucolic charm. Nestled in a forest, this residence, along with its garden, spreads across a hill with existing rock formations, around which the landscape is sculpted and the pool is integrated.

Amid rocks cracked by sun and time, rural fragrances, and an elegant pine tree forest, a smooth slope shelters this pastoral home from the eyes of the curious, with its charming olive tree roof garden, colorful Bougainvilleas, scented climbing plants, and fragrant magnolia, making this home an olfactory haven, among other things.

From the charming house, the gradient naturally takes one down through a woodsy forest of carob, pine, and oak, following a stream that trickles from a pond down the rock formations. At its feet, as if in a streambed, a pool juxtaposes curves with the rough borders of rocks.

Designing this project, meant keeping human intervention to a minimum, creating a landscape that seems like it has always been there. In fact, a lot of it has always been there. Most of the landscape design was done around the existing native vegetation, preserving the rich ecosystem that has evolved throughout the years.

As such, there are no beaten paths. Every promenade takes one away to an undiscovered realm of green pleasure. With every step, the garden reveals itself: bridges, streams, lawns, and a beautiful pergola, lost between the trees, in perfect harmony with nature.

Natural, romantic, and fluid, this garden truly has the heart of a forest.