Basic Sensations //
Dammam - Saudi Arabia
Project Basic Sensations
Program Leisure & resorts
Location Dammam - Saudi Arabia
Completion 2008 - Present
Area 200,000m2
This haven stretching the length of a man-made lagoon along the Arabian Gulf has all the comforts of a resort and the charm of a coastal vacation village. The VIP villas with private gardens and pools, a hotel, a shopping square, a children's playground, and the rolling luxuriant landscape, make of this the perfect family vacation destination.

Scattered in clusters around the terrain, the villas and facilities are linked by an intricate network of walkways and pathways, which can either be explored on foot or by golf cart, all with a rich variety of colorful and scented flowering trees placed there to highlight the simple pleasures of life.

From each villa, an infinity pool merges with the immensity of the facing sea, brought to life by the murmur of water trickling down a gargoyle. The gardens, designed like patios, are surrounded by walls adorned with plants and water elements for an intimate and private space. Each patio and pool was designed to form a series of parallel visual walkways towards the immense lagoon ahead.

Away from the villas, the main architectural axis extends into the peninsula and ends with a jetty hovering over a lagoon, serving as a vantage point to overlook the pristine water and the bustling port area, where carefree vacationers can enjoy restaurants, shops, and caf�s.

Along with the pools, bars, sports grounds, and hamam, this project was meant to serve as the ideal family vacation escape. The landscape envisioned builds on this notion, keeping a healthy balance between leisure, luxury, and nature.