Sky garden //
Project Sky garden
Program Roof Gardens
Location Lebanon
Completion 2010
Area 300m2
Rising thirteen stories above the hustle & bustle of the vibrant city with bold architecture, this modern minimalist roof garden with an unmistakable tint of Zen offers spectacular city views. Taking In the plunging vistas towards the city one is slowly enchanted as the eyes cannot help but climb the mountains of Lebanon in the backdrop and finally float in the serene blue of the Mediterranean skyline. Sober, pure, and stripped of all that has no function, the concept here is the creation of a space resonating of Zen with a touch of the tropics to combine the best of both worlds, the ying and yang of calamity and energy giving the visitors a chance to draw on the emotions that this space renders alive in them. Refreshing water cascades visibly fuse with the cladded walls, as the water trickles mysteriously down the lava stone it seems to disappear below the wooden deck and reappear merging with the peaceful sheet of water mirroring the sky above as if to reach for the heavens, and at its center a bonsai sits majestically in a throne of water giving this haven a Japanese-esque feel. Playing on the contrast between the foreground and the backdrop, at one extremity of this linear space sits an intricately designed children̢۪s play zone and a recessed seating space creating a subtle and enigmatic refuge as the visitor is embraced and enveloped by nature, and on the opposite extremity two pergolas anchor delightful alfresco dining. Linear, pure, and minimalist, the garden is an inter-connection of three main natural hardscape elements; lava stone, wood, and pebbles for maximum simplicity and also to achieve the utmost effect all emphasized along with the intriguing focal points. Here you sit on top of the world while everything is at your feet, filled with energy this small but powerful garden vibrates, with its vivacious and balanced personality it inspires, and the energy it emits allows you to dream and drift from the realm of reality.