Mediterranean Venice //
Doha - Qatar
Project Mediterranean Venice
Program Leisure & resorts
Location Doha - Qatar
Completion 2008 - Present
Area 8,000m2
Niched in the emerald horizon, this luxurious and distinct resort stands apart as an oasis of chic, providing passersby with just a hint of the serene and seductive interior scene within. Its structure emanates the vibrant heritage and boundless wonder of The Classical Venetian style. The challenge was to integrate the surrounding landscape of the Qanat Quartier Signature Urban Boutique Resort in gardens that would pay homage to this unique style. Several secret gardens have been scattered throughout the entire landscape creating a zen-like sanctuary with soothing aromas and small orchards of luscious fruit trees. The result is an intimate hideaway; private and protected in which one relishes the fresh air and restful setting.

Since the gardens are inspired by typical classical gardens, they were designed in an axial composition that reflects certain focal points such as serene water mirrors, mumbling gargoyles or elegant sculptures.

In this scenario, water is the key element used in various forms including: sheets of water, fountains, and gargoyles, etc.., it creates a hypnotic murmur that emanates absolute relaxation and isolation. The dark colored pool lies amidst the surrounding structures, reflecting and highlighting the distinct white color of the walls and arches. This same water channel inspired by traditional Venetian mood, takes on a different curve at its depth, beautifully and strategically displaying a pool bar that provides the guests with a place to savor cool cocktails.

Nearby, another lazy, yet enchanting pool promises unique moments of peace, leisure and reflection. Its particular and perfect oval shape acts like a wide eye overlooking the fusion of the different shades of blue displayed by the clear sky and pristine waters.

Vegetation is an important element of the overall composition. The green hues of the plants complement the interior of the pool and contrast with the white walls and warm-colored flowers and fruits. Amidst the abundant and diverse vegetation generated by king palm trees, fruit trees and scented plants, thes gardens project a venetian aspect reinforced by the use of rich patterns from colored ceramics, terracotta, and glazed colored inlay tiles to name a few.