On The Coast //
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Project On The Coast
Program Leisure & resorts
Location Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Completion 2006 - Present
Area 220,000m2
Facing the famous Maqtaa channel, the JW Marriot sits with its arms embracing the waterfront, inspired by the cultural heritage that is Venice. The mood this space embodies is a Venetian one; from the hotel, to the VIP area, chalets, Venetian village, and spa, the JW Marriot is a destination for those seeking bliss.

Sinusoidal, fluid, organic, and green, with viewpoints lush and luxurious, the project is diverse in its functions and multitude of facilities and services provided to ensure that visitors have a good time; children play areas, outdoor swimming pools, and recreational facilities, allow for a complete and unique experience.

The bungalows dispersed along the surrounding man-made hills of the project contain their own private gardens with views towards the sea and the artificial lagoon introduced in the landscape design to augment the water front area and enhance the vantage points available. Inviting walkways trigger curiosity and transport the visitor on a promenade along the water channel; transparent and luminous, through what can be described as a Mediterranean village into a realm of discovery, en route for the sandy beaches planted with sculptural coconut trees.

The 250,000 m2 resort is accessible by vehicles only to hotel drop-off area, the rest of the resort is experienced via golf carts aiming to ensure a LEED, sustainable, and green design through the reduction of noise pollution.

On the coast, the JW Marriot sits majestically, a pocket of lush green and fresh blue lagoons it invites one to indulge and relax Venetian style.