The Green Fort //
Aqaba - Jordan
Project The Green Fort
Program Leisure & resorts
Location Aqaba - Jordan
Completion 2008
Area 30,000m2
Built on the remains of an ancient castle destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake, the Al Qala'a Hotel is part of the extensive Saraya Aqaba Resort, and features a fragmented architecture that opens up on a central oasis, defining the entire hotel. Water is the key element in this elaborate project, serving as a visual link to the lagoon it branches out from, and creating a space of elegant luxury that builds on the place's magical story.

Fairy tales make for the perfect backdrop to this project. Inspired by the violent earthquake that fragmented the architecture of the area, the Al Qala'a Hotel completes the story by imagining the water flooding the site before retreating to create a delightful world around which the hotel thrives.

From a central floating oasis, water trickles, cascades, flows, spurts, and crashes through to an infinity pool that blends into an endless sea. Palm groves, fruit gardens, scented gardens, and olive trees are integrated within an extensive network of stairs, bridges, and pathways that allow for perfect circulation throughout the hotel.

The ebb and flow of water is reminiscent of life, rising out of a devastating flood to create a serene energy. The archeological garden is a cultural presence that reminds visitors of the rich history the place evokes, while shaded resting areas allow people to fully contemplate the grandiose beauty that captures their imagination. The spa, small amphitheater, series of pools, and children's playground complete this heavenly green fort.