Vanishing Point //
Aley - Lebanon
Project Vanishing Point
Program Residential
Location Aley - Lebanon
Completion 2011
Area 12,000m2
Located on the crest of a hill, this villa culminates with an infinity pool that seems to blend earth and sky. With a dominating view of Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea, the garden spirals down a hill rendered magical by 50-year-old pine trees and the breathtaking 360-degree view. Here, the setting itself remains the focus, with a landscape that respects the magnificence of the location.

The wonderful thing about this house from the late forties is its spiraling garden that encircles the hill, tempting one to take a hypnotic stroll down through the grounds, slowly uncovering new patches of pleasures; a bar, an infinity pool, a rose garden, a pond, a shaded sitting garden, and of course, the larger than life panorama.

The guide to designing this project was the steep nature of the terrain, with its impressive trees towering throughout, allowing for the creation of a young garden with an old soul. This is especially visible in the contrast between the lush green of the obedient lawns and shrubs and the half-century-old magnificent defiance of pines, cypresses, and cedars.

While the villa has no shortage of astounding views, it is from the fabulous heights of the infinity pool that the view is best enjoyed, as it seems to vanish endlessly beyond the city and into the immense horizon.