A Minimalist Approach //
Kuwait City - Kuwait
Project A Minimalist Approach
Program Commercial & office building
Location Kuwait City - Kuwait
Completion 2005 - Present
Area 15,000m2
This Mixed use complex is the Tallest high-rise in Kuwait city under the recognition of the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). A landmark, prestigious, a destination, It sits at the intersection of the busiest, noisiest Carrefour in the city; an urban node.

The landscaped area, although a small space in comparison to its backdrop, an intricate 10,000m2, can be considered undersized for such a massive high-rise proportionally, yet doesn't seize to be powerful, present and impressive.

The landscape grid is a continuation of the architecture fa�ade; a link, a single language that binds the vertical and horizontal planes in one entity, symbiosis achieved through an extremely minimalist approach aiming to create a pure continuous space.

The main piazza of this project opens up towards the busy Carrefour; this piazza is an outdoor extension of the mall and its amenities including restaurants, coffee shops, as well as commerce and recreational facilities. The conceptual approach revolved around the creation of an elevated platform at the edge of which sits a large water feature along with fountains filtering both noise and views creating subtle fenestrations aiming for a calm piazza that visitors can enjoy.

The main attribute of the piazza is the long water feature placed at the periphery of the project, the water trickles down the wall, cascades and plays with the dynamic dancing fountain; it breaks and buffers the noise of the vehicular circulation as well as the views to the neighboring roads. Here water geometries become the main attraction.

What renders this feature an impressive one is its 'sculpturesque' quality, making it a point of reference amidst the city. At the edge of this urban space stand four torches breathing flames, vertical counterpoints to this planar arrangement, symbolizing both power and existence.

The space is a completely mineral one, a few rows of palms are scattered to accentuate the rhythm of the vertical facade on the ground. Grid oriented and sober, only two hardscape materials are featured in linear and concentric forms in the design, basalt stone and dark granite; strong, present, static and architectural these two materials complement the play between reflective and seamless surfaces and help achieve this graphical and innovative urban and urbane composition that exudes force.