Linear Transparency //
Beirut - Lebanon
Project Linear Transparency
Program Roof gardens
Location Beirut - Lebanon
Completion 2009
Area 400m2
Linear, transparent, detached, and lush a few kilometers out of the city of Beirut, in a green patch in the sky sits the linear garden of a prominent design firm. The stimulating detail in this designed space is the liaison amongst the basic natural elements including air, water, earth, and metal and their linkage between the internal offices and external green spaces.

Enclosed by glass walls at one extremity and a wooden planter of metrosideros hedge the opposite edge, the visitor is engulfed and detached in this 400m2 roof garden in which one is surrounded by specimen olive trees on either extremity, three carefully punctuated citrus trees, as well as rectangular and circular planters home to various native species fluctuating in color and texture, as well as the numerous species of cactus that decorate the terrace and give it a rather edgy character. In addition to the harmony of soft-scape elements exists a hard-scape interplay between the concrete, the black/white cobble stones and the wooden deck at the commencement of the terrace, this chemistry of materials in vertical and horizontal strips plays well in accord with the contrasting shapes of the plants flourishing in this green pocket.

Four seating areas varying in character lie along this outdoor corridor. At the two extremities sit decorative water features imaging the sky and the perforated metallic shade structure that hovers above. The interchange of shadows between the inside and outside allows for the experience of a bold linear transparent space, dynamic and interactive both visually and spatially.

Verdant, utopian, the restful/secluded terrace dwells in the heart of the hectic & vibrant city. From the inviting bench, the well scattered pebbles, prominent trees, the cactus corner, and lush vegetation accented by the omnipresence of water and natural light; all elements interconnect with the symmetrical architecture of the loft creating the ultimate working environment which will without a doubt leave an impression on all those who visit it.