King's Monument Park //
Thuwal - Saudi Arabia
Project King's Monument Park
Program Parks & Public gardens
Location Thuwal - Saudi Arabia
Completion 2010 - Present
Area 40,000m2
The space allocated for landscaping as part of the King's Monument Park consists of 40,000 m2 designed in a manner so as to transport the visitor into a realm of simplicity and grandeur and to represent the King's vision and message of knowledge.

The visitor is greeted by a water-feature of 20 meters in diameter, which creates a dialogue between the elements in the project. Around this water feature sits a green carpet and at the center, a flame-like glass structure extrudes the water surface, marking the visitor's starting point in the special discovery of this monument park. The main axis is defined by two green berms, 110 meters in length and gradually diminishes in height from four meters to zero creating a vertically-sloped carpet and emphasizing the perspective effect, aiming to embody the Kings teardrop and its impact in creating the vision of the neighboring university.

A royal red canopy of Delonix regia trees transport the visitor along the main axis to the central water feature, a reflective mirror between the earth and sky. The royal palms, Roystonias, are planted along a geometric axis on site extremities creating a transparency and visual axis across the adjacent spaces planted with beautiful Artiplex halimus species the combination of which creates an A-shape, denoting the initials of the King for whom this monument park is created.

The hardscape design for this space is impressive as the inclined and horizontal plains are separated by grooves and differences in level creating elements that are not in contact and consequently give the feeling of floating structures. But the most impressive element to discover is the King's teardrop sitting majestically at a height of twelve meters. This main attraction is encircled by two ellipse-shaped recessed forms filled with white pebbles, once again reminding us of the vision of the King. Here the landscape elements are punctuated in a manner aiming to emphasize its existence.

The carefully selected and strategically placed soft and hardscape elements allow for a feeling of grandeur and elegance which will, without a doubt, leave a long-lasting impression on those who visit the King's Monument Park.