A Classical Spirit //
Doha - Qatar
Project A Classical Spirit
Program Residential
Location Doha - Qatar
Completion 2009 - Present
Area 15,000m2
Complementing an impressive classical palace, this garden was designed to highlight the residence, becoming a reflection of the façade. Symmetrical, geometric, and linear, the garden follows a grid inspired by ancient literature, Persian rugs, and the sprawling and luxuriant gardens of 18th century Italy, France, and Iran. The lush, exclusive gardens are a visual feast, providing pleasant views throughout the residence, and sensory pleasures for a promenade.

The launch of this project was preceded by an extensive research on 17th and 18th century gardens aiming to find the secret to creating a space tamed and geometric, yet filled with mystery, magic and wonder. The inspiration came from the Oriental flair of ancient tales, and images inspired by Arabian Nights, crafting a place where Scheherazade would likely escape to concoct her charming stories.

From this, an elaborate design that blends Arabesque features comes to life, through the perfect combination of visual, sensory and olfactory elements. The delicate lacework created is a paradise of color and movement.

As an oasis in the middle of a hot and dry desert, the garden needed to have a very strong visual identity. As such, the gardens were treated as an extension of the internal patios and rooms, built according to the axes of the palace. Introverted gardens with extensive water elements flow out of pavilions, as open areas with hard and soft landscaping components transform into outdoor living spaces.

Every feature, from the reflective pools, gigantic jars and pebbles to the sails, pergolas, and pavilions, is here to create a sense of harmony both visual and sensorial, creating an exclusive, elegant, and classical garden reminiscent of the splendid gardens of history that still titillate our imaginations.