Green Box //
Beirut - Lebanon
Project Green Box
Program Residential
Location Beirut - Lebanon
Completion 2011
Area 700m2
A garden that speaks a unique language, Lot 800 is a place where the present is reminiscent of the past, where the concept behind the design is directly connected to the Levantine design basics and resembles the prevailing garden style of the region, hence allowing the visitor to relate to the traditional elements as well as identify and interact with the identity of the surrounding.

The concept adopted for this space can be defined using two key words: Modernizing and Revitalizing. Modernizing the existing traditional architectural elements including the 'Birkeh' (water basin) and 'Aricheh' (pergola) and revitalizing them in such a way that cultural heritage is respected but new life is breathed into it rendering the existing surprising yet familiar.

These private town gardens are little seclusions, pockets of refuge in a busy city. The visitor is greeted by a modernized series of water basins and is then accompanied by an axis of citrus trees to a central plaza at the end of which sit two vertical gardens, enhancing the perspective effect these mineral and organic corridors seem to have. As for the spatial quality, the space is designed with the aim of creating personalized enclosures in which each garden in the series of front-yards is experienced differently whilst continuing to be an extension of the architecture, and hence becoming the added value of these rental ground-floor apartments.

Triggering discovery, the garden seems to filter between the external public space and the internal private enclosures through a translucent landscape treated buffer zone, a transition from chaos to calamity, this harmonious and inviting space of elegant Lebanese architecture reminiscent of the past calls you in and takes you back in time.