Green Corridor //
Beirut - Lebanon
Project Green Corridor
Program Residential
Location Beirut - Lebanon
Completion 2011
Area 1500m 2
A garden; a patio; an introverted space; an experience;

The conceptual approach to the space can be described as two-fold in which socially, this space becomes a destination attracting people in and triggering a sense of curiosity, and spatially in which the make-up of the garden aims to exude a zest harmony and vigor. The spatial quality is of utmost importance as it remains a key element in the creation of a landscaping concept for this mixed-use, multi-functional open space where the elements at play complement each other and enhance the overall experience. The overwhelming scale of the neighboring buildings is close to nil as the visitor is engulfed and almost protected by the human scale to which the garden was reduced.

The two corridors marking our ground of intervention lie between three retail/residential buildings and could be depicted pre-intervention as introverted/enclosed/confined spaces. These two corridors are an extension of the urban shoreline and their importance is the link and accessibility both visually and spatially from the perpendicular axis. This once 'introverted' space inspired the conception of interesting inner courts that act like patios allowing for the creation of dynamic green pockets, and the once 'enclosed/confined' space allowed for the birth of mystery and curiosity in an area then defined by its 'walk-thru quality'.

The intervention space is limited to the central stretch allowing the periphery to be used for vehicular and pedestrian purposes. The raised water basin is introduced vertically midway along the intervention space, and in the axis of the majestic steel bridge sitting in proximity to the designed space, this allows for a visual link between these adjacent lots. Aiming to enhance human interaction leveled platforms where introduced to create small gathering niches where visitors can enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation. But needless to say the most impressive element in this design is the green box effect that assembles all the different layers at play, as an added secondary dimension to the space and aiming to enhance the idea of a human scale, canopy trees were added in clumps to create a lush green cloud that hovers above.

Varying in character in comparison to most retail/residential green areas, this space has its own unique identity and its personality is continuously in flux as the light reflects in the central water axis with different intensities throughout the day, as the water shivers and gently sways in the presence soft Beirut city breeze, as for flux on the human scale the green box is in constant motion as the flow of visitors changes from one moment to the next. This particular retail residential space seems to promise the visitors a different experience every time perhaps it's what keeps them coming back for more.