Rural Escape //
Batroun- Lebanon
Project Rural Escape
Program Leisure & resorts
Location Batroun- Lebanon
Completion 2006
Area 120,000m2
Spread out over a typical Mediterranean terrain; characteristically rocky and sloped, a club and its corresponding facilities have been inserted into the hillside. Overlooking the coast, the beach of a profusely landscaped swimming pool sinks into its waters, creating natural inlets, in the continuous motion emblematic of sandy shorelines.

The pool terminates in a generous cascade that tumbles hurriedly into a reflecting pool, and serves to seamlessly meld its glossy surface with that of the glinting sea gleaming in the distant horizon. In close pursuit of a children's pool, a water cascade bursts forth, enlivening the nearby playground with the bubbly sounds of splashing water.

An amphitheater, tailored into the mountain, is treated naturally, in a gesture of total respect for the Levantine countryside. Its grandiose welcoming air is perfectly appropriate for event planning and marriage receptions. Sports activities as tennis and basketball courts, horseback riding and camping facilities do not fail to take up a major share of the site, whose assiduous thickets grant privacy and cool shade. An old church, charmingly unassuming, provides the focal nucleus for a luminous water plane, whose peripheries are bordered by the restored stone farmhouses, their red roofs sprawling horizontally in rambling timeless serenity.